Corporate Profile

Ecomarine Group has been active in Nigeria as well as in the West Africa Maritime industry since 2003 as a provider of maritime based integrated transport solutions and related shore services.

ECM Terminals Limited

ECM Terminals Limited a member of Ecomarine Group is the Terminal Operator/Concessionaire of the Calabar Port Terminal B with a concession of 30 years from the Nigerian Ports Authority. The company is an integrated maritime service and logistics provider in Nigeria and the West African sub region with offices and operations in Togo and Nigeria. ECM Terminals Limited operations in Calabar commenced in August 2007.

ECM Terminals Limited is situated along 4 57' 0" North, 8 19' 0" East. The port lies about 45 nautical miles from Calabar fairway buoy. It is a multi-purpose port designed to handle two million tonnes of cargo per annum. It has a berth length of 480m and plans to extend to additional 400m

It occupies a larger portion of the entire port facility and that portion is referred to as Multipurpose Terminal 'B'.

Our growth is organic which implies that our business is driven by increased output, customer base expansion, new service development, and regular review of our business process.

Human Capital Capacity

Fully indigenous 61 157 218